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07 Jul

Tyre recycling in Qatar

Rubber consumption has been seen climbing as tire demand grows. According to a report from Southeast Asian research for LMC International, global rubber consumption will grow an average of 3.5 percent a year through 2018 as demand increases for replacement tires, supporting prices of the commodity.

07 Jul

Quality of life starts with the Climate

Quality of life starts with the climate

Room ventilation by Systemair

Those wishing to build or carry out renovations today are faced with a challenge. The energy-saving ordinance demands better insulated building envelopes in order to protect our resources and the environment. These prevent natural ventilation through the building’s component parts, which means that mould may appear in the interior rooms, which in turn puts the health of its occupants at risk. While regular cross-ventilation can provide some relief, it is rarely convenient and often not realisable at all. 

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