Quality of life starts with the Climate
Quality of life starts with the climate

Room ventilation by Systemair

Those wishing to build or carry out renovations today are faced with a challenge. The energy-saving ordinance demands better insulated building envelopes in order to protect our resources and the environment. These prevent natural ventilation through the building’s component parts, which means that mould may appear in the interior rooms, which in turn puts the health of its occupants at risk. While regular cross-ventilation can provide some relief, it is rarely convenient and often not realisable at all. 

On top of that, valuable heating energy is wasted by doing so. And this is a real conflict. So isn’t it great that you now have a solution to it at hand? The SaveVent Comfort - controlled room ventilation by Systemair.

Room ventilation of the highest standard

For over 35 years now, we here at Systemair have been making clean air a reality. Be that in large shopping centres, hospitals or simply in the confines of your customer’s homes. With SaveVent Comfort, we offer you a system which lets your customers enjoy fresh air around the clock, without having to lift a finger. This is because the air exchange occurs automatically and, importantly, is monitored. Opening the windows for a quick airing-out is no longer necessary. Not only is this very convenient, your clients also save both energy and money in the process. Why? Because the heating energy stays where it’s supposed to: in the house. This is most applicable when the ventilation system works with heat recovery. In this process, the waste air is extracted and used for tempering the cool fresh air. Creating a draught becomes a thing of the past.

One of life’s luxuries

Along with stale air, SaveVent Comfort also expels excessive air moisture. This way, your customers can enjoy a pleasant environment and mould doesn’t stand a chance. Not only does this protect the basic fabric of the building, it protects the occupants’ health as well. Just as beneficial to their well-being are our high-quality pollen and dust filters. Even people with allergies can now breathe a sigh of relief.

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