Aldana Maritime Services (DMS)

Aldana Maritime Services LTD. (DMS) is the first vessels management and crewing company established in Doha / Qatar. The company was established in order to fulfill the maritime industry needs; provide quality professional management with knowledge to successfully and cost effectively manage marine resources by searching current and future needs; and understanding the changes in maritime environments.

DMS Team works very closely with each other as well as the other operational and technical personnel onboard to manage, maintain and deal with daily operation, maintenance and regulatory issues on their vessels.

We give highly consideration to the communication between Owner, Operator and Vessel in order to ensure that the financial accountabilities are being met and coast control procedures are implemented and monitored.


Aldana Maritime Management Services have experience in different areas of maritime industry. Projects include, but not limited to:

  • Towing Tugs and Barges of Different sizes
  • Anchor Handling Supply Vessel (AHTS)
  • Dynamic Positioning Vessels
  • Research and survey vessels
  • Cargo Ships
  • Yacht Vessel Management
  • Shipyard project Supervision
    • Direct Operational Oversight
    • Vessel Crewing and Crew Management
    • Port Engineering/Technical Management
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Operational and Shipyard Budgeting
    • Vessel Maintenance/Purchasing
    • Client Interface
    • Recruitment/Placement
    • Training and Licensing
    • Travel and Logistics
    • Scheduling and Vessel Assignment
    • Medical and Benefit Plan Administration
    • Drug & Alcohol Programs
    • Payroll Administration
    • Different sizes of tugs and barges.
    • DP1 Offshore Supply Vessel,
    • DPII Dive Support Vessels, 


If you think we can assist you in any way with your project, no matter how large or small, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Please read more about our main services below.

Vessels Management

With our professional, experienced and forward vessel management team, vessel owner enjoys peace of mind, knowing their vessels are provided with personal and technical management experience to successfully operate vessels in compliance with applicable class, flag-state and international rules. DMS creates a Safety Management System that simultaneously looks after the Owner’s interests, Safety of the vessel, Crew and the Environment.

Our team is responsible for all aspects of vessel operation such as;

Crewing solutions

The DMS crew management team recruits and maintains professional candidates who are carefully selected to ensure compliance with STCW-95 and flag state requirements.  Crew members are chosen according to manpower requirements, creating highly qualified teams that work together to get the job done and guarantee the safety of the vessel and environment.

DMS Crew Management Team follows up the day to day crewing and logistical aspect of vessel management such as:


DMS works in cooperation with vessel owners to charter the vessels under its management.

            Available for charter;

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